Born in Hokkaido, Japan.

Studied textiles at Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK.

Worked as a textile designer for Issey Miyake, Tokyo, Japan.

Live and work in Oakland, California, USA.

Today we are living our life surrounded by so many more things than we were previously able to obtain, and we greatly benefit from technologies and convenient tools.  Communicating with people living far away has become so much easier too. However, we also enjoyed writing letters with pen in hand, choosing beautiful paper on which to write down our message. We waited for a long time for that letter to be delivered. I am hoping to create clothing which reclaims that sense of joy when one receives a heartfelt letter coming from a great distance.

I hand dye small batches of fiber materials with natural dyes or hand paint with mineral pigments and natural dye stuffs. I apply various textile techniques to create fabrics in accord with the concept for each series. I design and sew into one of a kind clothing all at my studio in Northern California.